BAKERY – Check the case for a daily variety of bakery — all made in-house every morning.

FRUIT SALAD – Plums, strawberries, blueberries, and apples ($5.25)

GREEK YOGURT – Greek yogurt (labne) with house made jam and blueberries ($4.75)

HOUSE MAPLE GRANOLA AND SEASONAL FRUIT (contains nuts) – With milk ($4.75) or With Greek yogurt ($6)


Our bagels and rosemary focaccia are Iggy’s Bread of the World (Cambridge, MA). Our English muffins are made in-house!

BAGEL OR HOUSE-MADE ENGLISH MUFFIN – With butter, vegan butter, house-made jam, cream cheese, vegan cream cheese, house-made hummus with greens & shredded root vegetables, or flavored cream cheese ($2.50–$4.50)

FLAVORED CREAM CHEESES – Veggie (carrot, kale, red onion) or Bacon & Red Onion

LITTLE ENGLISH MUFFIN SANDWICH – Ham with hard-boiled egg and grainy mustard on a house-made English muffin ($6)

EGG SANDWICHES – Egg on a bagel, house-made English muffin, focaccia toast (or croissant Sat & Sun only) with cheese and ham or bacon ($5–$6)

MEATY EGG SANDWICH SPECIAL – Egg with bacon, roasted summer squash and pesto on an English muffin, bagel, or focaccia ($6.50)

VEGGIE EGG SANDWICH SPECIAL – Egg with corn and black bean salsa, avocado and Swiss cheese on an English muffin, bagel, or focaccia ($6.50)

SALMON BAGEL SANDWICH – Salmon cream cheese with shredded root vegetables, red onion and greens on a bagel ($6)


THE CHEDDACADO – Cheddar, avocado, pickled red onion, cucumber and dressed greens on toasted focaccia ($10)

HUMMUS – Garlic hummus, pickled red onion, radish, cucumber and greens on toasted focaccia ($10)

LEMONGRASS TOFU – Roasted tofu with house-made lemongrass marinade, pickled carrot and daikon radish and cilantro on toasted focaccia ($10)

HAM SPECIAL – Ham, Swiss cheese, corn and black bean salsa, pickled red onion and baby spinach on pressed rosemary focaccia ($12)

TURKEY SPECIAL – Turkey, yogurt-dill spread, pickled red onion, blueberries and baby spinach on toasted rosemary focaccia  ($12)




SIDE SALAD – Radish, cucumber and red onion on a bed of mesclun greens and dressed with house-made white wine vinaigrette ($3)

SUMMER SALAD I – Hard-boiled egg, roasted summer squash, pesto and toasted pumpkin seeds on a bed of baby spinach and dressed with house-made white wine vinaigrette ($7)

SUMMER SALAD II – Blueberries, pickled red onion and goat cheese on a bed of mesclun greens and dressed with house-made white wine vinaigrette ($7)


Cup $4

Bowl $6


We rotate our coffees, iced teas, and house-made sodas frequently.  Coffee and tea are from Barrington Coffee Roasting Company (Lee, MA) and MEM Tea Imports (Watertown, MA).


Before “local” was a movement, Sherman Cafe opened in 2004 with a mission to make great food with ingredients from small, local farms and purveyors. This remains our mission as we continue to source all of our high quality breads, dairy, meats, vegetables and more from as close to us as possible, and we continue to serve delicious baked goods and sandwiches — all made from scratch in our tiny kitchen.

Please feel free to call ahead at 617-776-4944 to place your order. We also welcome advance notice calls for large bakery orders and for catering opportunities.


Bistro Ham and Fruitwood-Smoked Bacon from North Country Smokehouse (Claremont, NH). It is uncured, antibiotic-free, all natural, nitrite/nitrate-free, and certified humanely raised and handled.

Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast from Plainville Farms (Plainville, PA). It is all natural, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed, and certified humanely raised.

Tofu from 21st Century Foods (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Unsalted Butter and Sour Cream from Cabot Creamery (Northeast Regional Dairy Farm with cheese-making and butter-churning in VT, NY, and MA)

Goat Cheese from Vermont Butter & Creamery (Websterville, VT)

Produce from Russo’s (Watertown, MA)